Game-changing early stage investment

We focus our efforts at early stages and accompany from seed-to-scale

Supporting the flourishing of startups!

“Octopus is positioning itself in a market that no one has yet dominated. Its main focus is not to sell industrial screens, but to ensure that the content displayed on the screen returns to sales in the most accurate way possible.”
“A cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly platform for managing living spaces, offering a single package that includes employee check-in/check-out and visitor management services without the need for separate services.”
“AugeLab Studio provides a wonderful assistant for managing quality control, object detection, and product inspection processes, offering a smart management system that you can design yourself.”
“Vawraek Studios aims to bring innovation to the video game industry while remaining active in the global market. Vawraek Studios aims to be one of the industry leaders with advanced technologies and AI systems.. Vawraek is going to present the biggest MMORPG universe in the world to the global audience with their new game, Quinfall”

It’s not about ideas, it’s about you

As early stage investors, we see ourselves as the 'water' that startups need to grow and thrive. By providing the right mix of resources, mentorship, and capital, we help our portfolio companies take root, grow and reach their full potential.